A blog dedicated to the brilliant and hilarious musical duo Paul and Storm. They are the stars and creators of Geek and Sundry's "LearningTown" and the co-founders of W00tstock, alongside Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage.

Image credit: Steve Petrucelli


The concerts at PAX were really colourful this year with amazing performances by the Triforce Quartet, The Doubleclicks, Paul and Storm, the Super Guitar Bros and the Bit Brigade.

More concert photos can be found on my Facebook and Flickr. All of my PAX photos (including panels and cosplay) can be found here.

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You Left Me

Paul and Storm
Plays: 19

Wait for it…

The video for “Right Here With You”

New video for “This Song” is out!

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This Song

Paul and Storm
Plays: 159

This song could be on your computer if you bought Paul and Storm’s new album Ball Pit.